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Support Willie Tucker

Willie suffered from life-changing injuries to his spinal cord, head, and respiratory system; on May 5, 2013 caused by an devastating vehicle accident.

Willie, is quadriplegic and has a tracheotomy and uses respiratory equipment to help with breathing. He stayed in SICU for 18 days from the day of the accident until he was transferred to a nursing facility May 23,2013.

Willie, stayed in the nursing facility until April 24, 2014; when was taken home. Which is where he still resides. He had endured procedures at the hospital to prepare him for long- term care; even at home improvement has been a minimal.

Even though, Willie has insurance; it does not cover certain medical expenses or the coverage of a wheelchair mobility van. From the time of his injury I have been involved as his caregiver 24/7. To help with Willie's uninsured medical expenses and the coverage for a wheelchair mobility van a campaign in his honor has been established.

You may show your support for Willie by purchasing a 5 gallon bucket of premium quality detergent or fabric softener.

Your support will be greatly appreciated and will make a great big difference.

Thank you.