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James Matthew Vandevander Jr. transplant fund You know I’ve been feeling down and out, but you know, people and friends and most important family that I have around me make it worth more than anything I can ask for, things I’m going through and things I’m about to go through, I can always count on my family and friends to be there when I need them. But the ones that really help are the kids, they are the light to my day and the energy that helps me get through the day. If it wasn’t for the 5 kids that I have the great pleasure of hanging out with every day, Harrison, Patrick, Sarah, Bella, and Kenzey, I don’t know what I would do with myself. You know it’s the simple things in life that bring you happiness, you just have to catch it when its there and hold on to it. Some people want a lot of money, or something like that, but me, all I want is to be healthy and be normal again, to go back to work and know at the end of the week I worked hard for my money. I don’t want lots of money, it would make me go crazy. Just my health and life, and I have my life just got to work on the health. So pray that on June 24-26 they will be able to get things going in the right direction. LOVE TO ALL FAMILY AND FRIENDS!!!!!!!!!!!!! So I need help raising money to go. My goal is $5000 or more, so please help and spread the word. I can really use your help. ~Matthew

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