12 bars SELL FOR only $24.
Your group keeps $8.

Natural Visions Luxury Glycerin Bar Soap re-hydrates your skin with the natural moisturizing power of pure vegetable glycerin. This product has a gentle formula for sensitive skin. Uses include hand face and body; for all skin types.

Free & Clear Glycerin

Dye Free and Fragrance Free


12 bars

Cherry Almond

Glycerin 6 pack


12 bars

Natural Visions Luxury Oatmeal bar soap combines natural moisturizers with fresh oatmeal to exfoliate your skin without drying it out. This bar has an aromatherapy fragrance and is French Milled to last longer. Uses include hands, face and body; for all skin types.

Coconut Lime

Oatmeal 6 pack


12 bars


Oatmeal 6 pack


12 bars

Liquid Hand soap Concentrate SELLs FOR only $24/Liter. Your group keeps $8.

Each liter makes a gallon when you add water!

Use this luxury cream soap to cleanse your hands and body gently yet effectively, while restoring skin’s natural moisture, proteins and vitamins. This luxuriously creamy liquid soap combines a rich blend of fresh goat’s milk, coconut oil, glycerin, and olive oil extracts to clean your skin, while restoring its natural moisture, all without harsh chemicals and detergents. It’s gentle enough for the whole family! You can also use Cream Soap Concentrate as a heavenly scented bubble bath or shaving cream!

Dispenser included.

One liter of Cream Soap Concentrate makes eight 17 oz. bottles.


Concentrate liters available in:

Peaches & Cream
Vanilla Brown Sugar

Cherry Almond
Free & Clear


What kid isn’t excited about Dinosaurs? Get them eager to wash their hands with Natural Visions® easy and fun, dino-themed hand soap! Made with glycerin, conditioning aloe and vitamin E, it is gentle on children’s delicate skin. These hand soaps are made with popular fragrances that kids love, so they will enjoy washing their hands. They may even show up for dinner with their hands washed without you even asking. Be thankful for small dino-powered miracles!

One liter of Kids Soap Concentrate

makes up to seventeen 8 oz. bottles.

Concentrate liters available in:

Jurassic Gentle Unscented

Bronto-Berry Melon

Dispenser included.

Less Packaging, Less Pollution! These Super Concentrates Follow the Green Movement!

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