Karlee's Service Dog


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My name is Karlee and I am 21 years old. I have had Epilepsy since I was 10, due to being physically abused. I suffer everything from petite mal to grand mal seizures. The medications I take have caused tremors and do not work well with my seizures and I am soon to receive a vagus nerve stimulator to see if it will help. I am currently in college working towards my Bachelor’s degree in Psychology. It has been a long process as the medicine affects my memory and thinking and there are occasions where seizures have taken a whole weeks’ worth of memory and I have to re-study everything I studied for that week. In class my processing is slower from the seizures and I take pictures of the chalk board as it takes too long for me to write it down. I have been on buses and end up in places that I did not intend. I have had seizures in the busy streets while taking myself to the bus stops, and I've been jumped while walking and have had my backpack stolen. I am afraid to do many activities alone for fear of having a seizure. A service dog would give me more confidence and ability to do the many things I do not allow myself to do now for safety reasons. Not only would I feel the security of my service dog, but my dog will be able to tell me before a seizure happens, and assist me when I need the help. I currently live alone and have no support system, as a child I was in foster care and was moved home to home around the state of Kansas. I never had a chance to settle in and make friends at school due to me being transferred all the time and having to change schools. So for my safety living alone I really need a service dog. I have done my research and have found a wonderful program. The program is Canines 4 hope. Canines 4 Hope is a Professional Florida Dog Training Academy that understands how to train these sensitive and caring alert seizure dogs to alert seizure prone individuals prior to a seizure event. Canines 4 hope will teach my seizure alert dog to… summon help, pull objects away, block the individual, attempt to rouse, provide physical support and emotional support, carry information, as well as sense an impending seizure. I must raise a total of $15,000. I must have 50% of the money before they start the training, so the sooner I raise this the sooner I can be safe and start a successful future.


Thank you in advance for your help!



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