Ultra Fundraising

Mission Statement

Ultra Fundraising is dedicated to providing comprehensive and highly effective fundraising programs that are designed specifically to empower non-profit groups to achieve their fundraising goals.


A little company history

Ultra Fundraising is a division of Ultra Soap International. Providing high quality cleaning and household care products at affordable pricing has been a winning formula for Ultra Soap International for over 30 years. Ultra was founded with the fundamental belief that high quality soap products didn't have to be expensive; Ultra's fundraising programs carry on this philosophy. Over the last 30 years, Ultra's fundraising programs have assisted a multitude of non-profit groups reach their fundraising goals.


Fundraising Dollars & Sense!

Selling practical products that most people buy anyway, such as laundry detergent and fabric softener is a well-received idea. Selling products at a price that saves your supporters money, not only makes sense, it makes big dollars!


The Product & The Environment

All of our products are of the highest quality. The laundry detergent is HE compatible, and super-concentrated. Every product comes with our 100% satisfaction guarantee! Ultra’s products are 100% manufactured in the USA at our plant located in Missouri; we believe in keeping our jobs in America! All of the products are biodegradable and sustainable, and the containers are recyclable. Ultra does not pollute the earth; as a matter of fact the only drains in our plant are in the restrooms. All of our products are produced without waste or pollutants being dumped into the ground or streams.



Our products are priced well below comparable retail products. Because we produce in bulk and deliver factory direct, we are able to keep our prices low without sacrificing quality.

Meet our people
Lanie Browar – National Fundraising Director for laundry 5 gallon buckets
Debbie Lewis – Fundraising Coordinator for laundry 5 gallon buckets

Lanie Browar – National Fundraising Director

“As a mother of three grown children, I have participated in more than my share of fundraisers; Candy Bars, Trash Bags, Discount Cards, Cookie Dough etc. I found myself paying inflated prices for items I really didn't want or need to help support not only my children's school and activities, but the neighborhood kids and my nieces and nephews as well. When I saw this concept, a practical product that people need AND it saves the supporters money. I jumped at the chance to be part of it. I am passionate about helping others; this is a great way for me to do that.”




Debbie Lewis – Fundraising Coordinator

“As a former softball player and coach, I have participated in fundraisers since I was a young girl. I know how difficult it is to sell candy bars and wrapping paper to friends, family and neighbors. As a coach I learned how hard it is to find a good fundraiser. A fundraiser with a product people would readily buy AND a fundraiser that gave us the ability to earn the funds we needed. It was so easy for my team to raise money selling laundry detergent that I joined the company so I could help other teams.”